About Us

SummIT is a professional Information Technology complete-solutions providing organisation based in India.  SummIT endeavors to provide complete IT solutions to customers/clients in the Asia, Americas, Europe-Middle East and Australia.


SummIT, has in the past (in earlier associations) helped clients in Order Management, Supply Chain Management, Business workflow automation, Banking/Credit cards, Data Analytics and fundamental report/transaction solutions to facilitate smooth business operations.


SummIT is currently focused on delivering software solutions to mental health care professionals resulting in better patient care . It strives to achieve its goals by employing local talent. Our software solutions help psychiatrists and supporting health care professionals to organize, automate and improve their clinical and research services. It acts as an intelligent assistant at their clinic that

– Reduces the effort

– Reduces the cost of operation

– Saves time

– Helps them to focus on patient care

Our research applications helps professionals to collect, process, analyze and report Patient’s demographic, symptomatic, diagnostic and treatment data for their research needs

PRIISM, (Psychiatric e-Recording Intelligent Information Storage Manager) is one of the cutting-edge technology offering from SummIT to transform the entire gamut of Psychiatric data – record/retrieval/management – to facilitate better patient care, besides facilitating adherence to global/local medical laws/confidentiality statutes.